How I Stop Foot Pain and Stop Hammertoes Pain By Wearing Isotoners and Going Barefoot At Home

I was starting to find I couldn't buy any shoes that didn't have a wide toe box because the two hammertoes I had on my left foot would hurt like crazy.  I even tried on 30 pairs of tennis shoes in a foot specialty store one time and they all made my 2 hammertoes hurt.  But I found out how to stop foot pain and stop hammertoes pain accidentally.

Where to Buy Isotoners?

I had worn Isotoners at home for years and thought they had stopped making them.  Then I found them at Macy's and was so happy. I love my isotoners. They have stopped foot pain, cured my foot ailments and foot problems and didn't take long either. I didn't know they would cure my foot pain. It was a surprise and I bought them because I loved having the flexibility in my feet at home. Isotoners are actually sold as slippers but to me they're much more than that.

Stop Hammertoes Pain By Going Barefoot

The Isotoners let you stand on your toes, dance around the house walk on your toes, they let your foot be flexible and in its natural position.  I am convinced now that the best shoes for your foot are NO shoes -- that it's best to go bare foot or as close to bare feet as you can.  NO orthotics to be sure. We were meant to walk on our bare feet. feel the earth or sand under your feet and toes whenever you can.  Feel the earth's energy!  Feet get tougher too as you exercise your feet on bare earth and surfaces.

Of course it isn't practical to leave the house, go to work and school in our bare feet but while we are at home we can go bare foot or wear Isotoners or something similar. Whatever shoe you choose they should be flexible with a very thin or paper thin sole.  We need to protect our feet from glass, rocks and materials that would cut our feet or hurt them.

Going bare foot or wearing Isotoners may help arthritis in the toes and possibly foot swelling and cramps in feet depending on the cause. They may even help leg pain and aching of bottom of feet.

When I first starting wearing these slippers again now that I had the hammer toes, they hurt a little right at first but after wearing them consistently it eased up and now I feel no pain in them. I couldn't believe that my feet would get better! I couldn't believe those soft shoes could stop hammertoes pain!

My Hammertoes Don't Hurt

My hammer toes have so improved they don't ever hurt in other shoes unless they have a narrow toe box.  I buy shoes with wide toe boxes or are open like sandals.

Isotoners are actually a slipper like a ballet shoe with a paper thin sole.  I get the black Isotoners in an XL size even though my foot is about an 8 1/2 or 9 and it still fits nice and snug. I get black Isotoner slippers that don't show dirt, they always look new.  If you've never tried them go to your local Macy's department store or other large department store and try them on.

My feet feel so much better and I naturally exercise them in the Isotoners and when my feet are not in shoes.  I go bare foot at home occasionally and I'm finding it easier each time to get used to it.

Flexing my toes and arches and heels even feel better now.  I got rid of my foot pain, my feet have stopped hurting and I love my feet now.  It's amazing how this has carried over into other shoes I wear.  I wear tennis shoes most of the time that have the foot flexibility that I love and I play tennis, work out, hike and walk a lot which all require some type of tennis shoe or flexible shoes and arches. Too much protection or cushioning have caused plantar fasciitis --so I avoid expensive cushioned tennis shoes.

Stop Foot Pain

I now know the secret of how to stop foot pain and stop hammertoes pain!  And no I don't sell Isotoners either! You may be able to find them on sale or at a discount like I did. But at $15 or $20 they're low cost and a bargain to be sure. You may save money by not buying foot orthotics too. Check Macy's or local department store because you need to try them on to get the right size. I love my isotoners and walking in my bare feet! Foot Pain



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