Bauerfeind Introduces New Relief for Foot Pain - Available in the United States for the First Time

New Insole

Kennesaw, GA : We often take our feet for granted as they bear significant stress and strain from the daily activities of work and play. Improper positioning of the foot can frequently lead to foot strain and poor posture that change the body’s biomechanics. Even when foot pain is not apparent, improper foot support may lead to leg, hip, and back pain. Bauerfeind, Europe’s leading manufacturer of foot orthopedic systems, has developed BInamic™ – a 2-component Active Core insole. The Active Core consists of a soft component that is a flexible material which offers foot-fitting comfort through an extra soft foundation and precise shock absorption. At the same time, the firm component supports the foot, gives it direction and stability, and allows the density level to achieve optimum flexibility through individual fitting.

Who isn’t familiar with the feeling of having tired feet, far before the day has ended? Obviously, we protect our feet from external injury by wearing appropriate work shoes. Just as importantly, we should use proper insoles to preserve our feet from overexertion and pain, while supporting their natural function. Failure to do so could possibly result in premature fatigue, pain and deterioration of joints. BInamic™ prevents these problems and enables longer periods of walking and standing without pain.

This cutting edge insole offers a high quality top layer made of Alcantara, which is the same microsuede fabric used in Ferrari’s and Maserati’s. The stable heel rim centers the heel and stabilizes the entire rear foot in the landing phase. Five flexible toe cushions under the metatarsphalangeal joints ensure physiologically correct rolling of the foot. The soft, flexible material used in the heel area and at the outside edge of the insole, diminish pressure in these sensitive areas.
BInamic™ represents the next level of insole treatment – a premium standard that signifies new innovation in synthetic insole technology.

Bauerfeind USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Bauerfeind Global, a German manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in producing and distributing high-quality medical products. Founded in 1985, Bauerfeind USA has consistently provided the national medical community with products that are in accordance with rigorous German standards of excellence.


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