Removing Planters Warts

Plantar Wart Removal

If you're suffering now from plantar warts you should know that they can easily be removed.  They are commonly found on the feet.

You may have heard of many ways to get rid of a plantar wart and there are many so-called ways to remove planters warts that can be harmful.  You want to make sure that you remove them properly.

One way you may have heard about is plantar wart duct tape removal. If you are not sure your warts are of this type then you may want to look at some plantar wart pictures to determine whether they are or not.

In any event you want to stick with natural treatmernt for your plantar warts if at all possible.  You want to avoid harmful treatment. 

It is estimated that 7-10% of the US population is infected. Infection typically occurs on moist walking surfaces such as showers, swimming pools, or shoes. The virus can survive many months without a host, making it highly contagious.

Plantar warts are benign epithelial tumors caused by infection by human papilloma virus types 1, 2, 4, or 63. These types are classified as clinical (visible symptoms). The virus attacks the skin through direct contact, entering through possibly tiny cuts and abrasions in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin). After infection, plantar warts may not become visible for several weeks or months.

Because of pressure on the sole of the foot, the wart is pushed inward and a layer of hard skin may form over the wart. These warts can be painful if left untreated.Warts may spread through autoinoculation, by infecting nearby skin or by infecting walking surfaces. Plantar warts may also spread to other parts of the body.They may fuse or develop into clusters called mosaic warts.

Plantar Wart Picture

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