Plantar Fascitis - My Cure FREE Here!

I'm making this quick but just want to let you know what worked for me if you've been searching online. If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis let me tell you what happened to me and how I cured it naturally and FREE.

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I won some expensive tennis shoes made by Wilson this year.  They cost about $120 retail. 

I wore them probably about 5 times or so and I started noticing a pain in the bottom of my foot about one inch in from my heel.  Never having had plantar fasciitis before I wondered what the heck the pain was from.

Although I'm a former nurse and had heard about plantar fasciitis I wasn't familiar with it enough to know what to do.  Meanwhile I found out that other tennis players were staying home and were nursing their own cases of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms, Treatment - My Cure- FREE Right Here for Foot Pain Relief!

Well it hurt like heck for a couple of days or so and I started doing research and found I could diagnose it to eliminate other foot problems by pressing about an inch in from the heel on the bottom of my foot. When i did that YIKES it hurt .. so I knew it was plantar fasciitis.

So what to do.  I found a hundred cures for it on the Internet.  So many, I didn't know what to do.  I looked at insoles and found there were a dozen different types and not cheap either.

Some were $30 and required you to put them in the microwave to mold them to one pair of shoes.  I wear more than one pair of shoes so that wouldn't work plus it was only one POSSIBLE solution. No guarantee that would work.

Even a doctor friend said to use insoles - arch supports but again too many to choose from. She pressed on my heel also!  A confirmed diagnosis! Ouch!

I had also read to do various stretches for plantar fasiitis.  Twice when doing the stretches I pulled a hamstring muscle in my thigh causing more pain.

Much of what I read said to stretch the bottom of the foot or it will get worse or chronic. This was not true for me!

So I was probably in pain for several days before I finally cured myself! You know what I did? Click Here!

Plantar Fascitis - My Cure FREE Here!

First I stopped wearing the shoes.  (I even foolishly tried them 2 months later tfor 2 hours to see if it was that pair of shoes that caused the plantar fasciitis-- and in two days the heel pain returned and I got rid of it fast.)

Second I stopped doing stretching exercises and stopped wearing or trying to wear cheap insoles or arch supports  -- none which had worked. No plantgar fasciitis inserts, no night splints, no braces, no taping, no inserts, no special socks no ultrasound, no surgery!

I stopped pressing on the inflamed area of my heel and started walking again, playing tennis and IGNORING it and it went away fast! That's' it!! No more foot pain! Complete foot pain relief!

So that's my story and if I get it back again -- I know it will be the new shoes that is the cause of plantar fasciitis and I can never wear them again.  I have even gone to arch support stores and they said this expensive shoe was not fitting right on my heel.

I also will do nothing for it and continue to do all  my physical activities.

I don't know if my plantar fasciitis cure will work for you but it sure worked for me!!!!

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