Yoga Toes for Hammertoes

Can YogaToes Help You Avoid Hammertoe Surgery?

If you have hammertoes and  have serious foot pain like many do, you may want to try Yoga Toes. A great solution for hammertoes we think - natural treatment in a snese. Worth a try to see if they help your hammertoes. Exercise for hammertoes and other foot problems and hammertoe prevention too. See the following press release from the Yoga Toes company.

Exercise for the Feet - Yoga Toes(R): A Natural Solution for Aching Feet and
Foot Ailments

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Foot issues are among the most
widespread and neglected health problems affecting the population in the US
according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.  In addition, women
have about four times as many foot problems such as hammer toes, bunions and
plantar fascitis (heel pain) as men due to the wearing of high heels.  To
remedy these painful issues, exercise of the feet is key.  Yoga Toes, gel
footcare exercise devices, offer a simple, one step, natural solution.
    Yoga Toes are worn while relaxing to help stretch, strengthen and align
foot muscles, increase circulation and help straighten bent toes.
    "The feet take on the weight of a person's entire frame. When the feet are
neglected they become misaligned and create imbalance throughout the whole
body," said Yoga Toes(R) Inventor Frederic Ferri.
    "Yoga Toes(R) work by gently stretching cramped and stiff feet leaving
them revived and rejuvenated," said Ferri.
    Yoga Toes(R) can benefit most anyone suffering from foot pain caused by
ill fitting shoes, spending too much time on their feet at work or
participating in activities such as running, tennis, aerobics, golf and
dancing.  Yoga Toes(R) can also help senior citizens and children.
    Getting in Shape
    Yoga Toes(R) are easy to use. Just place them in water for few seconds to
make them slip on quickly and easily. Then, allow Yoga Toes(R) to exercise and
relax your toes. Although they may be uncomfortable at first, much as it is
with beginning any other form of exercise, this is an indication that they are
working.  If possible, wear Yoga Toes(R) for five to fifteen minutes or as
long as you are reasonably comfortable.  With continued use they can be worn
up to an hour or more.
    The more times that they are worn, the more you will notice the benefits.
Some people see results immediately, others may take longer.

SOURCE  Yoga Pro(TM)

Theresa George, Yoga Pro Media Relations Consultant, +1-586-344-9345

Our note: Maybe YogaToes can help you solve your hammertoes problem.




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