Foot Pain Relief

How To Get Rid Of Foot Pain

People suffer from all types of foot and ankle pain. Problems range from foot problems including ankle problems to shoe problems. Problems with feet can require pain relief, orthotics, therapies, treatments and/or surgery.

Many foot and ankle problems can be handled at home without visits to the doctor. Alternative treatments are becoming more and more common as is reflexology and lesser known naturopathic treatments.




Sports injuries including running and tennis are on the rise and can cause all types of injuries. Common tennis injuries include Achilles tendonitis or a torn Achilles tendon and plantar fasciitis.  As a  long-time tennis player myself, I know many tennis players who have torn their Achilles tendon and have had other Achilles tendon injuries. 

Also plantar fasciitis is common among tennis players, sports enthusiasts and everyone actually who wears shoes!

Many people don't know that their new shoes are the culprits.  The plantar fasciitis has been brought on by new shoes usually. In any event, shoes that did not fit the feet correctly. This generally happens in the arch support or construction of the shoe. This can happen in expensive cushioned shoes also. If plantar fasciitis is severe a tennis player can't play tennis.

However many of them choose to play tennis with other shoes and change of shoes and just play through the injuries. Sometimes they wear orthotics but not in the shoes that caused the problem. In any event the plantar fasciitis seems to get better either way. I mention this because many people want to know if they can continue to play through injuries. 

This is usually a personal decision. If you're giving up the source of the problems, chances are the foot or feet will heal on their own in spite of what you do. See what I did in my article here: Plantar Fascitis - My Cure FREE Here! - Nurse's Cure! 

plantar fasciitis

(Plantar fasciitis is commonly misspelled. It may be fasitis, fasiitis, faciitis and many other variations. We have misspelled it in some page or headline titles to help people find this page.)

Of course there are many permanent injuries to the feet also requiring treatment by a podiatrist and possibly surgery.

Bunion surgery called a bunionectomy is a common surgery.  Many patients have reported to me that it did not help them whatsoever.  If you're considering bunion surgery, make sure to do a lot of research first. You don't want to go through bunion surgery and find you are back to square one or worse. Surgery is always risky and the body has to endure it.  This can be hard on other body systems. So any decision regarding any type of foot surgery should be carefully thought through on the risks and benefits.

Of course there are so many types of foot injuries, I've listed many of them below to give you an idea how extensive it is.  Prevention of  injuries is very important.  This means taking extra time to find and wear shoes that fit.  Many people and many older people especially have damaged feet from a lifetime of wearing ill-fiitting shoes. It may mean going to a specialty shoe-fitting store and getting fit properly into the right shoes.

If you're active in sports, that means more than one pair of specially fitted shoes.  This can be expensive too but it's a very good investment. Many of these stores have cropped up in recent years with names like Shoe Fit. There are now many chain stores specializing in fitting arch supports.

Getting rid of foot pain can take some research, patience and time. Most foot injuries heal. The fact that we have to walk on our feet while we are injured may delay healing but it's better to keep moving usually for the rest of the body that is.  There are many way to get relief, often using orthotics will make a big difference.   I know people who have spent $325 and been happy with their orthotic supports. On the other hand orthotics don't work for everyone. 

So it's hard to know if they will help your specific foot injury. You may need to see a podiatrist to determine the best treatment if you have a serious foot or ankle injury. In any case many people do recover fully.  Manufacturers are coming up with better solutions including better orthotics and arch supports of all types. Exercise and massage for your feet should be common practice. In any event as they say-- be good to your feet and they will be good to you!

athlete's foot

 athlete's foot

hammer toes

hammer toe   -  mallet toe on third toe

Foot Problems

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You don't have to suffer with any kind of foot  pain, ankle pain, shin pain or leg pain.  There are solutions.  There are many natural solutions available too for all types of foot pain.  You can get rid of foot pain and get pain relief fast if you know what to do.  And one good resource for plantar fasciitis:   

plantar fasciitis

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